Course Image HND2156: Nutrition and Food Science

HND2156: Nutrition and Food Science

Explore Food and Nutrition and aspects relating food processing and Nutrition

Course Image HND2157: Food Security and Safety

HND2157: Food Security and Safety

This Course will have two components, Food Security and Food Safety, and it wil enable learners to  understand substances occurring in food, either happened naturally or during processing, and alter the safety of food, and how they affect the consumers health in terms of Food Security.

Course Image Computing SPSS

Computing SPSS

This course was added on Computing-Stata component to enable students use a statistical analysis software they feel comfortable with. It will cover all key items in quantitative data analysis:
1. Entering data
2. Exploring data
3. Modifying data
4. Managing data
5. Analyzing data
This course is meant to be taught hand in hand with Biostatistics for students to apply it statistics. It is reserved for Master students, Year I.

Course Image Information management and retrieval

Information management and retrieval

This course aims to enable students to design and implement the database applications. 

They will evaluate Database features and Database related products.  They will also configure the database to support an application, performing tasks such as creating users, defining storage structures, and setting up security. 

Database administration doesnt end after the database is configured, so students will also learn how to protect the database by designing a backup and recovery strategy, and how to monitor the database to ensure it operates smoothly.

Course Image BIO_STATA


This course is included in Module I (Epidemiology and Biostatistics). It presents basic concepts in data management and analysis in Stata statistical software. Topics include exploring data, modifying and transforming data, managing data, analyzing data, and producing graphical displays.