This category is reserved for the training courses. 

This is a course on Plagiarism control for Lecturers who took part to the 2 first courses but did not complete.
This course of study identifies the essential knowledge, skills and attitude that all students need to be active life long learners in an information technology intensive environment. The curriculum is designed to form the foundation for continuous learning with introduction to emerging trends such as mobile applications, digital money, social media etc to be applicable to ever changing innovations. The computer skills standard course of study involves the development of skills over time. These skills become building blocks with which to meet the challenges of personal and professional life.

It will help the leaners to have basic skills in elearning and its features

This is a  quick overview of the Moodle learning platform.

If you ever need to know quickly what Moodle is - this is the right course  for you. 

It is made of video tutorials!

This is a course intends to introduce and help you to be familiar with Moodle, the E-learning platform to be used for online education of the University of Rwanda (UR) and other allowed stakeholders. This online course is created by the UR' s Centre for Instructional Technology. 
(Contact: Gwiza S. Fidele: ).