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    Dear UR staff and Students,

    Below is the link to get your UR official emails accounts to be used in the eLeaning platform and Office 365.


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Transition to Online Learning and Guide to Blended Learning

by Dr. NTALINDWA Theoneste -
The Commonwealth of Learning has produced a new 12-part video series 

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CN Post (Social Discussion)

by Dr. NTALINDWA Theoneste -
Dear faculty members and students:
An engaging social learning tool developed by our US partner institution has been added to every UR Moodle course. You can find the "CN Post (Social Discussion)" link at the top of your Moodle course page. With only a few clicks, your CN account will be automatically created and you will be taken to the social discussion page. Posting to your instructors and classmates there is like posting on Facebook, you can freely and easily share course-related materials, ideas, and questions. This tool will help you communicate with your class and make learning more engaging! 
Learn more about CN Post: 
CN Post set-up guide (for instructors): https://support.thecn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005228407
You may also use your CN profile page to build an academic ePortfolio: https://support.thecn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006596567
Feel free to contact CN helpdesk if you have any questions or need help using this plug-in tool: help@thecn.com (Note: questions about UR eLearning platform/Moodle, please contact elearning@ur.ac.rw