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General information for this platform users

by NTALINDWA Theoneste -

Dear users of this platform, we are pleased to inform you that for your good and smooth online learning, certain documents to help and guide you are reachable by clicking on the links displayed on this main page.

For online learning guide, Students  User Guide, and Teacher User Guide, you click on the above Online Guides link.

To reach UR ODeL Policy, UR Quality Assurance Policy for ODeL, UR Quality Assurance Standards for ODeL, UR Blended Learning Module Template, the storyboard for blended learning module, and UR Blended Learning Quality Review Rubric, you click on ODeL Policies, Strategies &  Guidelines link.

There are also some Online Resources that you should read under the UR Online Resources link.

We wish you a pleasant time on this UR eLearning platform.

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by NTALINDWA Theoneste -

Turnitin will be discontinuing support for Internet Explorer (IE) starting August 31, 2020. After August 31st, you will still be able to access Turnitin products using IE, but Turnitin products will no longer be updated to work seamlessly on the IE browser. Please begin accessing Turnitin with a different browser at your earliest convenience.

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