• UR official emails for Microsoft Office 365

    Dear UR staff and Students,

    Below is the link to get your UR official emails accounts to be used in the eLeaning platform and Office 365.


    Thank you!

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New Password Policy

by Dr. NTALINDWA Theoneste -

Dear users, to enhance the security and performance of the eLearning platform, you are advised to change your passwords. You will get an interface after you log into the platform that requests you to change the password. 

To change the password you enter the existing password and then you enter the new one.

Thank you!



by Dr. NTALINDWA Theoneste -

Turnitin will be discontinuing support for Internet Explorer (IE) starting August 31, 2020. After August 31st, you will still be able to access Turnitin products using IE, but Turnitin products will no longer be updated to work seamlessly on the IE browser. Please begin accessing Turnitin with a different browser at your earliest convenience.

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