1. Module Code:  TWP 1162

  2. Module Title: Electrical Workshop Technology Part II                            

  3. Level:  1          Semester:   2   Credits: 0

  1. Brief description of aims and content

The course aims to provide the basics of electrical engineering through mainly practice as well as theory. The main topics will be:

This course is to give the introduction to a Three phase induction motor, three phase induction motor forward & reverse operation, three phase induction motor Star/Delta operation, Combination of three phase induction motor forward/reverse operation and three phase induction motor Star/Delta operation  and introduction to the domestic lighting system.

2. Learning Outcomes

1.Knowledge and Understanding

  At the end of the program students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and

      understanding of:


1.1. Accident prevention in electrical workshop.

1. 2. Fundamental concepts, principles and theories of electrical engineering.

1. 3. Commercial and financial constraints that engineers may have to work under


  1. Cognitive/Intellectual skills/Application of Knowledge

    Having successfully completed the module concerning Electrical workshop    

    Part II, students should be able to:


2.1. Demonstrate the electrical workshop tools and equipment’s.

2.2. Perform different electrical installations.

2.3. Apply engineering principles to create new products.

2.4. Demonstrate the ability to make different circuit and identify faults.