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This module allows students to understand effects of drugs in management of Central Nervous System (CNS) conditions, Clinical Toxicology and Therapeutics.  It will enable students have broad understanding of the CNS neurotransmitters and their actions, CNS stimulants, sedative-hypnotic agents, anaesthetics, analgesics, use of drugs in management of depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Psychotic and Epileptic diseases, as well as Clinical Toxicology and General Therapeutics. The module will  also explore the use of audio-visual and practical based approaches in enhancing learning outcome of the various units under this module.

This module is designed to introduce to the learner concepts and principles of global, public health, Disability and rehabilitation. It will also equip the learner with primary health principles and concepts and after the learner will be able to analyse local and global data on Disability and Rehabilitation.