Unit1: Introduction in Multimedia:


Multimedia concepts - research, design and planning; multimedia applications for education and training, business applications, home entertainment; multimedia authoring software; Multimedia production cycle


Unit2: Multimedia in Networks:


Multimedia in Legacy networks, FDDI , ATM, Wireless networks, Real Time protocols-RSVP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP etc.


Unit3: Multimedia components:


Text: Types of information, Hypertext and Hypermedia


Sound: Audio capture and representation - fundamentals of audio and perception; Digital sound and characteristics, Sampling variables, Sound Card layout, Compression, Loss less compression of sound, loss compression & silence compression, Synthesis of sounds, Difference between waveform and synthesized audio, Sound Formats- WAV, MPEG, MIDI , MIDI computer systems; frequency and dynamic ranges; basic sound editing, Music editors ,Lab Exercises in VB


Graphics: Still image manipulation - still image capture, creation and representation; file resolution, file sizing and portability; Image Compression-LZW compression, Huffman Coding,  Graphic adapters, Graphic file formats and characteristics, GIFF,TIFF, JPEG, Web graphics, Incorporating multimedia elements in web pages.  2D graphical image manipulation in layer based images; applying special effects, such as transformations, text effects, filters, 3D graphics, Lab exercises in Adobe Photoshop


Animation: Fundamentals of Animations, Formats of animation files, Animation software, 3D-animation-Lab exercises in Visual Basic, Macromedia flash, Macromedia Director.


Video:  Fundamentals, Compression, Video capture cards, Formats, MPEG standards, MHEG Standard recent development in Multimedia, Digital Camcorders and Camera.