1. To strengthen the basic writing skills from General English and English for Specific Purposes (English for Science and Technology-EST- for CST students).

2. EAP also aims enhancing the topic selection ability, buy awakening the learner to the need for considering the various forms of their environment, and its needs in space and time. If the topic is provided by an examiner, the student should be trained to dig it out and find out the different corners of its content.

3. This module is a continuous reminder to the learner to always break down big ideas into smaller and manageable units. Example : by breaking down an Essay into paragraphs bearing a specific content related to the whole topic of the essay.

4. From the one-two-page essay, the student is made familiar with extended essays. leading to more consistent papers, supported by references quoted and compiled in a standard way.

5. Cohesion between sentences, paragraphs, and coherence to the essay topic and paragraph topic sentence will be a recurrent exercice, practice and reminder.

6. The learner will end up feeling preparing to write a research paper without shivering, provided he also has sufficient and relevant content in their research.