Course image Research Methodology
School of Engineering-SoE

This module is aimed at providing the students with the minimum skills to conduct research in their final year of study. The students will learn how to apply the engineering research process and inquiry methods to solve these problems; introducing them to some of the methods and techniques of research and their methodological frameworks.  The module aims to present research as a dynamic process leading from the beginning to the end; from questions to answers, showing how the researcher progresses from one stage to the next, decisions making, choosing of questions, and how conclusions are drawn. It will involve understanding of the research process, critical analysis of research in the discipline of study and development of competence in data collection methods and tools, analyses and evaluation of research results and analyse and evaluate the results and reviewing their quality and limitations. Students will also learn how to write feasible project proposals, building on the Creating Job Creators (CJC) concept framework, and communicating findings in technical reports and presentations to specific engineering formats to specialist audiences. 

Course image EPE 1162 Engineering materials science
School of Engineering-SoE

The course of electrical engineering materials gives a basic foundation on electrical engineering materials in analyzing those properties of materials due to their responses to the electrical and magnetic field. It covers the following topics:

  1. An introduction to materials science and engineering
  2. Materials and engineering
  3. Electrical properties of materials
  4. superconducting materials
  5. magnetic properties of materials

A set of structured exercises, assignments, quizes, labratory workd and exams have been designed to allow easy understanding degree of the followers of this online course.