The School of Science has four departments:

  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics and
  • Department of Physics

Within each department there are Undergraduate  and Postgraduate programmes.  




            The postgraduate programmes offered by the School of Science are: MSc in Applied Mathematics, MSc in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management, MSc in Environmental Chemistry, PhD by research in Biological Sciences, PhD by research in Chemistry, PhD by research in Physics, PhD by research in Mathematics and PhD by Coursework in Mathematics.

School of Science - SoS

The module aims at introducing  generalities of embryology in terms of terminology, and essential steps  that are found in all metazoans. A second objective is to understand early stages of animal development models to draw common ground and differences.

The modules targets also the analysis of growth processes in animals and plants through the identification of internal and external factors that regulate growth as well as growth dynamics and measurement.

Course image Diversity of Life II
School of Science - SoS

The module introduces year 1 Botany and Zoology students  to the diversity of life forms in 2 most complex

Kingdoms ; Plantae and Animalia. Its aims are to let students discover the increasing complexity in the organization of Plants and Animals relatively to cells, tissues, organs and the diversity of life forms in each of the


A special focus will highlight specific characteristics of taxa allowing to identify them and distinguish them from others. The module will provide students tools to be aware of the crucial need of preserving biodiversity  especially in our region which is part of  Albertine Rift a Biodiversity Hotspot


Course image Entomology and Herpetology
School of Science - SoS

 Entomology and Herpetology are part of the module BIO3167 taught to year 3 Zoology and conservation students. It aims at introducing them to deep study of Insects and Herps (Amphibia and Reptiles) in a conservation perspective of those taxa sometimes threatened or even endangered from quick and extensive destruction of their habitat.