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Course image Principles of Good Governance, Human Rights and Sustainable Development
College of Arts and Social Sciences - CASS

The Module of Principles of Good Governance, Human Rights and Sustainable Development is an elective module taught in the LLM Program on International Criminal Justice and the Law of Human Rights.

It has the following objectives:

·      To explain the general and specific linkages between Good Governance, Human Rights and Sustainable Development

·      To analyse the scope and content of the different human rights, their relevance to sustainable development and the role of principles of good governance.

·      To discuss the interrelationships between good governance, sustainable development and the enjoyment of human rights.

·      To explore why and how implementing different principles of good governance and implementation of sustainable development goals are relevant to a successful respect of human rights.

Principles of Good Governance, Human Rights and Sustainable Development.

Course image MLL4112: Literary Genres
College of Arts and Social Sciences - CASS

Welcome note:

Dear students, welcome to this module and I hope you will enjoy it.

The purpose of the module is to enable the students know different types of writings and technics of writing a play, a short story, a scenario and a poem.

Knowledge and Understanding

Having successfully completed the module, student shall be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

i. To differentiate several types of writings;

ii. To elaborate a short dialogue elements by using an appropriate language

iii. to elaborate a physical/moral description

 Cognitive/Intellectual skills/Application Knowledge

Having successfully completed the module, students shall be able to:

iii. Apply different processes of literary writing;

iv. Do a good distribution of characters;

v. Establish the difference between imitative, figurative and narrative language 

vi. Write a play for stage, a short story, a poem and a scenario;

vii. Use effectively the figurative language in writing a poem.

College of Arts and Social Sciences - CASS

Dear students,

Welcome to the module "Learning, Teaching and Assessment in HE". It is taught to academic staff to help them improve their skills so that they can perform very well in their teaching activities. This is a non recognised module at UR, it is simply an assignment in the framework of the module LTHE 503 on the blended learning and teaching and was conceived in the perspective to familiarise with the use of ICT tools. The current assignment focuses on the topic "Competence-Based Learning in HE (CBL)" and it is mainly derived from the Module taught by Prof. Wenceslas NZABALIRWA. The assignment was done by a group composed of:


2) Dr MUKANYANGEZI M. Francoise

3) MARIZA Dative

4) KAMANZI Emmanuel

5) RUMAGIHWA Liberatha


The aim of the module is to provide learners with necessary knowledge and skills in pedagogical domain. Particularly with this topic, the group intended to make more the staff aware of the great need to shift from teacher-centred to student-centred learning using participatory methods. 

The learning outcomes are:

(1) In-depth understanding and application of the Competence-based Learning (CBL)

(2) Appropriate use of teaching methods in the perspective of helping students/future professionals adapt theories to the realities on the ground.

(3) Promote CBL at UR by using new technologies