Course image ACEITLMS Postgraduate Research Seminars and Workshops
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Postgraduate research supervision is an area of concern in improving the quality of research ouputs but also the profile of postgraduate  students. Many supervisors improvise their supervision and tend to do it the same way they have been supervised. However, the supervision should happen in the context, it should consider available resources, the culture and both individual and institutional expectations. The present course will comprise a series of expert presentations on matters pertaining to supervision in general but with a special focus on supervision of STEM Education research. it is intended for current and prospective supervisors.

Course image ICT6789: Introduction to instructional design
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This module intends to equip students with critical thinking and problem solving skills. It introduces to students with basic concepts of real valued functions, their properties and applications.

Course image Wetland Ecology
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This course has been designed for the 3rd year students in Soil science and the nodule aims to:

  • Acquaint students with the current concept of wetlands and its  methods for the delimitation (identification, delineation, and classification, etc.) and assessment.
  • Understand  and evaluate the factors that  affect  pedogenesis phenomena
  •  Identify  the various ways  that cause the wetland  degradations  in order to make a plan  for  exploitation agricultural potential  with reducing any harmful environmental incidence
  •  Be familiarized  with the fundamental aspects of wetlands ecology
  • Learning outcomes:
  • After completion this course  student should have to 
  • Understand the concept of wetland, the intrinsic qualities and ecological services provided by wetlands and its value to human
  • Be able to identify the hydric soil indicators in the field to delineate wetlands
  • Know the fundamental processes and the descriptive or analytical characteristic of  specific  soil covered under wetlands area, then  wetland soil taxonomy( wetland suborder)
  • Understand the criteria and indicators used for hydric soils
Course image MIN4264: Mine Ventilation
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1. Brief Course content 

This course intends to provide skills of:
  • mine ventilation systemMine ventilation planning
  • Mine ventilation analysis
  • controlling complex mine ventilation networks

 So as to ensure the profitability and safety of the mine 

2. Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this module, students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate awareness of the legislative requirements for mine ventilation system
  • Demonstrate practical skills necessary to undertake mine ventilation survey
  • Design an appropriate mine ventilation system
To evaluate and analyze ventilation systems
Course image PGAW01: Academic Writing Module
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The module aims to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills to enhance students’ academic and scientific writing. The content will consist of systematic literature search, reading critically and writing for research purposes, academic writing processes and techniques, reviewing, editing and proofreading techniques, quoting and referencing systems, and strategies to present academic work.

Course image Intro to Statistics
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Statistics is essentially a decision making tool. This module imparts knowledge on fundamental statistical concepts and how to convert data into information, which enables policy makers, managers, and researchers to make informed decisions.

Course image COE4168: Software Architecture and Design
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Software Architecture and design is becoming the mainstream of software design systems for software development. Architecture embodies information about components and their interaction, but omits information about components that does not pertain to their interaction. Thus, an architecture is foremost an abstraction of a system that suppresses details of components that do not affect the use, the relations and interactions of components. Private details of components, details that have to do solely with internal implementation and are not externally visible, are not architectural. In short, architecture determines how components interact, not how they are implemented.

Course image EAP2112: English for Academic Purposes
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The main purpose of this course is to equip Level II students with advanced academic reading and advanced academic writing skills. In addition, learners will be exposed to scientific writing techniques like avoiding plagiarism:  summarizing, paraphrasing, synthesizing, citing sources and referencing. Through presentations, speaking skills will also be enhanced.

Course image Computer Architecture and Maintenance
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Course image EAP2222: English for Academic Purposes ODL Champions
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The module aims to equip third year students with advanced knowledge and skills to enhance their academic and scientific writing.  The content will consist of academic essay writing, speaking skills for academic purposes, listening skills for academic purposes, reading skills for academic purposes, critical reading, critical thinking, plagiarism, citing and referencing, information sources, research proposal writing, and rhetorical writing.  

Course image GEO2363: Methods and Techniques in Urban and Regional Planning
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This module emphases on student’s appropriate self-learning communication, reasoning and applying different methods and techniques in regional planning. Content includes review of the planning process in Rwanda, guideline for urban planning, land use planning guideline in Rwanda, participation in spatial planning framework, field data collection, analysis;  plan making studio, site planning, neighbourhood planning, urban design, Implementation plan.  

Course image GLG4161: Petroleum Geology
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This course aims at providing an understanding of petroleum systems, petroleum as a resource, and the value chain. It explores a broad array of tools used in the search and in the production of hydrocarbon reserves. The course also provides insight on how geologists conduct the search for petroleum resources.

Course image MAT1265: Applied Complex Analysis
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Welcome to the  course of Complex Analysis.

This course attend to empower  learners in the applications of complex analysis in their respective fields.

After this course the student will be introduced to general methods of complex analysis in both 

Scientist  and engineering fields.

Course image SEDS4:Social Entrepreneurship
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This course  will be focused on understanding the social entrepreneurship field, the role of social enterprise, typology of social enterprise in the legal aspect, sustainability of social enterprises, innovation and scaling, development of business plans for social enterprises, measurement of social impact, networking in social enterprises and the leadership of social entrepreneurs. This course emphasizes that theory and practice go hand in hand with each other.  Thus, there can be ‘no theory without practice and no practice without theory.’ Therefore, the essence of this course will be applying theory to practice and investigating the possible ways how social entrepreneurship can be applied to transform our communities.

Course image Academic writing
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This course aims at helping PG students to be able to write their end of year dissertation/research report! The module focuses on writing and speaking techniques in academic world. 

Course image English for Academic Purposes
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Welcome to English for Academic Purposes. The course provides useful skills in writing academic papers, speaking, listening and reading. The skills in it are meant to help you to do research for your assignment papers and project work at the end of your undergraduate studies. It is not only useful for undergraduate students but also for those who intend to undertake postgraduate studies.