Modules developed under support of Common Wealth of Learning (CoL)

Course image NUS1252: Fundamentals of Behavioural Sciences (CoL)

This module explores the behavioural correlates of health and illness. It introduces you dear learner(nursing student, health Sciences student and Public Health student) to the variety of principles influencing health and illness linked to human behaviour. You will learn fundamentals in psychology, sociology, and anthropology of health.

Course image BSC1221: Basic Agricultural Sciences (CoL)

The module aims at describing factors of soil formation and soil properties; explaining the principles and processes of crop production; introducing students to forestry science and basics of livestock production globally and nationally.


Course image CTE1111: Citizenship and Transformative Education (CoL)

This module provides students with the general knowledge and skills in civic education, integrity principles and practices, human rights and education for peace. It has been designed for first-year students in the University of Rwanda with the aim to equip them with the basic notions on civic education that are meant to contribute to their transformation into patriotic and responsible citizens. The module has four Units: Unit 1: Civic Education, Unit 2: Integrity Systems, Unit 3: Human rights and Unit 4: Peace education, for each unit a team of lecturers is assigned to delivering it at all 6 Colleges of UR.

Course image AST1231: Introduction to Statistics (CoL)

 This Module deals with the elementary of statistics which are the users in management and functioning of market economy and determination of the statistical parametric  based on the principals of descriptive statistics. It helps to develop the students analytical abilities to deal with problems relating to  statistical investigations within the firm.
This Module introduces the students to the basic principals of descriptive statistics.
It prepares the students to be able to organize, tabulate and analyse data obtained from the field of study, furthermore, a key objectives of this module is to equip students with useful statistical skills not only for their immediate academic career
but also their further professional life.

Course image CoL2021: Rwanda University Online Course Development

This is a demo site to showcase the features of Moodle using the materials that will be shared in the online workshop hosted by Saide.