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Course image Biomechanics, First - Aid and Exercise Physiology
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This module aims at teaching the application of the laws and knowledge of mechanics to the anatomical (structural) and physiological (functional) aspects of the human body (biomechanics). First Aid deals with principles of first aid and sporting massage in physical and sport activities area. Exercise Physiology analyses and provides an understanding of the key physiological and metabolic responses to the exercise.

Course image Removed Educational Psychology
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The module aims at providing prospective teachers with basis on which to examine the various theories of educational psychology and human development and their implications for teaching and learning. It encompasses human development, sensation and perception, learning, memory, motivation, emotion, personality, attitude change and classroom management.

Course image Face course
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This training aims to implement a high profile Instructional Technology Programme that will create a critical mass of educational innovation among UR students.

The fellowship induction Programme will result in tangible improvements in of the usability of all technologies used in learning at the University. The trained students will serve as a benchmark for their classes.

Course image DC2
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Welcome to the module EDC2242: Curriculum Theory and Development.

This module is an opportunity for students to explore issues related to curriculum theory and curriculum development.


- Definition of curriculum;

- Theory and different models of curriculum design;

- Reflection on the process of curriculum development;

- Examination of contemporary issues in curriculum with a focus on curriculum issues in the Rwandan context.

Course image ility
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Introduction to multivariate analysis and variance.

Course image LIT 1141: Introduction to literary Genres
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The module is constituted of 6 blocks or chapters : The General Introduction, Oral literature, Poetry, Drama, Prose fiction adnNon Fiction prose.

Course image TUR 3134 : E- culture and tourism
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The course Cultural Tourism is aimed at making students understand the importance of cultural tourism. A practical approach to understanding both regional and international cultural attractions and the economic impact they have on the community. It analyzes historical and cultural attractions, including museums, monuments, pilgrimage sites, and cultural and heritage landscapes. The course examines the historical context of cultural tourism and the structure of local cultural attractions and participation in the regional cultural tourism efforts and management cultural heritage.

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To conceptualize the various laws relating to business transaction and formation within Rwanda’s legal framework and internationally focusing on introduction to law, general principles of law of contract, law of sale of goods and law of agency, Hire purchase, law of tort, insurance law, negotiable instruments and the law of property. Having successfully completed the module, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business law and able to understand the legal elements of business transaction as per the context of Rwandan law system

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This course is about to learn technologies used for video live stream

Course image eering
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Introduction to object-oriented programming and to tools and techniques for software development. Designing, coding, debugging, testing, and documenting medium-sized programs: reading specifications and designing software to implement them; selecting appropriate data structures and control structures; writing reusable code; reusing existing code; basic performance issues; debuggers; test suites.

Course image Introduction to Kiswahili Language
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This course focuses on introduction of Kiswahili languages, concept of Kiswahili language and of linguistics. It includes also the history of kiswahili language. its fonetics and fonology.

Course image Research Methodology and Applied Language Studies
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This course is intended to give the students a general understanding of what research entails; and to make them aware of the way in which researc theories can be applied to language teaching. in this regard, unit 1 focuses on Research P