Instructional Technology

Plant nutrition, is the course component of Soil fertility and fertilization. The focus of Plant nutrition module component is the influence of mineral nutrients to the health of plants. The course will examine the factors that determine the availability of mineral nutrients in soil, their uptake and use by plants. The diagnosis of soil nutrient availability and plant nutrient stress will also be examined.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

ü  Acquire knowledge and understanding of the chemical processes in soils that influence mineral nutrient availability

ü  Develop an understanding of how mineral nutrients are taken up by plants, transported and assimilated by plants

ü  Understand the role of mineral nutrients in the quality of the harvested product

ü  Develop an understanding of how the nutrient status of plants is diagnosed by soil and plant analysis and the strengths and weaknesses of different methods

ü  Acquire knowledge of the importance of fertilizer formulation to soil nutrient availability

ü  Develop skills in sampling soil and plant tissues for routine analysis and diagnosis of nutrient status

ü  Develop skills in interpreting the results of soil and plant analyses

ü  Develop a critical approach to data analysis and interpretation

ü  Promote the ability to work co-operatively as a member of a group