Course image Delivering great presentations
Three Mountains

This e-course will help you to improve your presentation skills. The course has a lot of information about how and what to present. However, you can only learn how to give great presentations if you practice. So, there are a number of exercises to do in this course. 


Course image Learning through play
Three Mountains

  This is a demo course and it is for preschool teachers, caregivers. 

  This demo course demonstrates how children learn by playing

  and how teachers can use learning through play in the classroom.

Course image Using Maps in Integrated Water Resources Management
Three Mountains

  This course will help you to understand and read maps.

  Maps are vital tool for Integrated water resource management (IWRM).

 This course will also link you to other resource you can use IWRM. 


  Enjoy the course!

Course image Introduction to Integrated Water Resource Management
Three Mountains

This course gives an introduction to integrated water resources management (IWRM).

You will receive an overview of how to manage water resources in a sustainable way,

so that all Rwandans will have enough water now and in the future. 

Have fun and enjoy learning!

Course image Improving your daily communication
Three Mountains

To understand others and to be understood is not easy. A lot can go wrong resulting in misunderstanding  and even conflicts. This course helps you to reflect on your daily communication and on how to improve it.

Course image Reaching out to farmers
Three Mountains

 This course will help you to connect better with farmers as a lecturer, researcher, outreach or extension worker. It will also prepare students for an internship in agriculture by helping them to understand how to approach farmers.